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M E D I A  P R A C T I T I O N E R
a n d
B E L I E V E R  I N  L I F E 
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​Presenter, creative producer, lecturer, media practitioner, floorball player......Vien Sze-man Tsang sees Believer in Life as a precise description of hers in a nutshell.


As Journalist & Presenter......

Being a sports enthusiast for more than 20 years, Vien claims herself lucky to start her career as a Sports Journalist. She covered the first-ever East Asian Games in Hong Kong in 2009, Nike 'the Chance' football campaign and other events located in Hong Kong and elsewhere during her time as Reporter of Oriental Daily/the Sun


With techniques in news writing, sports photography and online television, Vien moved on to start her experience on screen as Sports Anchor & Reporter for Hong Kong Cable TV. She implemented her thoughts in making video coverage on instant news and in-depth features. Vien also began to work as Emcee for different events with her presentation skills.  


Now as an active Media Practitioner, Vien works/has worked with Hong Kong Cable TV (Presenter)CUP (Columnist), Radio Television Hong Kong (English Sports Feature Presenter), SPORTUNES by Sportsoho (Podcast Presenter), Hong Kong (Editor), Art Map,Young Post, South China Morning Post (Writer) etc. 





As for 'something more'......

Vien has obtained the degree Master of Social Sciences in Media, Culture and Creative Cities with the mark of distinction at the University of Hong Kong in 2016. At the same university, Vien graduated as a Bachelor of Arts with core study in Spanish, Journalism and Sociology. In 2018, she has also completed the iconic course 'Planning the Cycling City' of the University of Amsterdam.



As Creative Producer......

Along journalistic production, Vien also explores the world, shares her observations through creative projects in various forms and as Creative Producer. One of the significant projects she has created and carried out is Chasing the Chase: An Account of Hong Kong Sports Journalists' Stories in 2016. This multimedia project is the first of the likes of this theme in years. Vien's also founded 
Sports Flâneur, a platform for Sports X Travel content and stories.  


Besides, Vien is involved in different projects related to creativity, media and culture. Her experience in marketing with Mission Hills Group, where she worked in the Match featuring Tiger Woods & Rory McIlroy, World Ladies Championship and some wellness and commercial property programs, as well let her understand the marketing mindset and merge the attributes in her current and future creative and marketing projects.


Vien is also a lecturer. She has taught 'Media Management Sport' at HKU Space, 'Buying or Dying? Media, Consumption and the Making of Self' at HKBU CIE. She was also Teaching Assistant for the 120-student course Internet, Media & Society of the Journalism Media Studies Centre of the University of Hong Kong in 2014-2015, in which she enjoyed some intellectual interaction with students and positive feedback from them. Vien is also invited to teach about sports and journalism at schools from time to time.


Adding to all these, Vien has found much realisation and inspiration as an amateur hockey player and floorball player. She is founder of
Hong Kong Kiddos Floorball and plays, as well as coaches in various groups. She also actively works with Floorball Federation of Hong Kong in building the sport and developing Hong Kong Women's Team. 

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