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       P R O D U C E R
Creator / Sports Flâneur
Vien created this multimedia platform, which is a hub for her sports x travel content, projects, activities etc. As a frequent traveler, a sports enthusiast and creator, Vien does a lot in the direction of sports x travel, which emphasises on how sport can be a good way to see the world.
Columnist / CUP
Vien writes for CUP as a columnist. She goes on with her direction as a Sports Flâneur to write sport in social/cultural perspectives & to see the world with sport.
Co-Video Creator / Sports Expo
Vien, together with her team Dawn Kiddos Creative Studio, was involved in producing the athletes interview videos of Sports Expo, located at the Forest, by the Urban Renewal Authority. Vien played a role in interviewing, scriptwriting, voiceover, shooting, coordination and preparation.
Speaker / WISE panel discussion
Vien was invited as one of the speakers for Women in Sports Empowered HK - WISE HK to talk about 'Why girls should play sports: sports to enhance academic, health and wellbeing in life'.
Creator / ‘Chasing the Chase'
Vien conceptualised and created ‘Chasing the Chase: An Account of Hong Kong Sports Journalists' Stories’ Project(【今次,這句「加油」屬於你--記錄香港體育記者的故事】計劃) , which is the first multi-media project relating to local sports journalists in recent years. She carries out the project with director Nicholas Mak, producer and designer Ann Kwok. More details can be found on:
Coordinator / MC³@702 Creative Space
Vien has worked as the Project Coordinator of MC³@702 Creative Space, managed by the Department of Sociology of the University of Hong Kong. She has been involved in various events of culture, art, creativity and media held in this interactive hub. More about the space can be found on:
Co-Creator & Presenter / Podcast
Vien was the co-creator and presenter for Sportosoho Sportunes' podcast programme 'Vien共同體'. This was a programme that jumped out from the typical sports content and discusses sports topics in social and cultural perspectives. It has run for more than 170 episodes.
Contributor / Book 迷路香港
Vien was invited to be one of the nineteen Hong Kong writers in Malaysian artist & writer Kelseyz (黑白琪)'s book 迷路香港, which is a piece of art & travel note and sharing about Hong Kong.
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